Welcome to Rogelios!

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Your hosts, Rogelio and Diane Garcia

Rogelio’s Dine and Sleep Inn

Welcome to Rogelio’s!

Rogelio Garcia comes from a long corporate restaurant and hotel background. Mew Ha “Diane”, Rogelio’s wife, has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Rogelio, and his wife together live their fantasy. They run the best Hotel, Restaurant, and Casino in town.

Rogelio had always wanted to open a restaurant.  He knew the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area was the right place.  After eating at so many restaurants in the area, Rogelio had not found a Mexican restaurant to his liking.  He always enjoyed Mexican food that was truly authentic and he saw the great need for authentic Mexican food in Isleton.  Rogelio decided that he was going to open his own Mexican Restaurant.

Rogelio’s restaurant today has been remodeled, and offers the best of a variety of all foods.  With the desire to please all the diners in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta community, Rogelio makes a great effort to satisfy the palates of as many customers as possible.

Isleton is a small community of 800 people Rogelio’s restaurant serves over 100 customers per day. Stop in and say hello to Roy & Diane.